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Pixelpickle Games

GAMES | Our first game, Lylian: Paranoid Friendship got us in the thick of independent game development.
Since then, we've created interactive shows and built short films entirely within game environments.
The next big thing is BURDEN. A game to get excited about!

BURDEN - PC, MAC, iOS, Ubuntu
In Development


Tower Defense meets Shadow of the Colossus - at the behest of the gods, the player must defend mysterious giants from attacking armies while escorting them on journeys across a mystical land.

Follow the progress of this game in development by visiting:
Blog FaceB Twit

"Lylian's storytelling easily place it on a high shelf with other horror games" -

Lylian: Paranoid Friendship

ANIMATION | Pixelpickle has been animating for Game, Film, and Television since 2001.
Each year technology advances in the industry, and so do we.
VFX | Specifically particle simulations, explosions, medical animations and fancy swirly motion thingies. We love it, and we can do it!

Title: Pixelpickle Creative Montage
Client: Various

A varying collection of work from the recent few years.

Title: Pixelpickle Games Splash 02
Client: Self

A splash test for our current project.

Title: Dead Frontier Intro
Client: Creaky Corpse
Work: Direction and Animation

Dead Frontier is a brilliant web based MMO about survival and Zombies!
Pixelpickle was given the task of creating a new intro animation to coincide with a major update to the game.

ABOUT | Robert Dowling has worked as an animator since 2001. In recent years he found a love for programming in Python and C# and now uses it almost excessively to speed up animation processes and create games - Lylian: Paranoid Frienship is one of those games.
Pixelpickle Games is a fluid team of people, scaling to a project's requirements to keep overheads optimised.

CONTACT US | Like Pixelpickle to be a part of your project?
Have any feedback or comments about the site, one of our games, or would like to just chat about games, animation or effects?

Email Robert (Director) at

Blog Twit Lkin

SERVICE | In a nut shell, we can create a game, app, or animation from start to finish. Small specific roles are treated with a lot of love too and they're quite common gigs for us. Our background in animation and programming gives us the upper hand in intergrating code and art seemlessly.
Down to specifics, our services involve:
Particle effects

Engines we use are Unity3D, Cryengine3 (and Cinebox beta) and Multimedia Fusion. For iOS, PC, Mac and Linux.

Feel free to contact Robert for specifics.

CLIENTS | Over the years we've worked with great companies and individuals, on a wild range of projects.
Here are some of them.

CreakyCorpse THQ ThinkOTS
SEGA Chroma
AL Heales Mode7

"...Not only was Rob able to follow guidelines for the style of animations that were requested, but he showed creative initiative as well, which displayed his willingness and ability to add value at all levels." - Caryn Barbutt, Jeff van Dyck, Mike Baxter [The Creative Assembly]
"...He does great work and is one of the most professional guys I've ever worked with. He'll always be considered one of our go-to guys for animations." - Peter Young [Attitude Gain]