Company Colossal

Company Colossal is many things. It's epic! It's funny! It's a hybrid tower defense shoot'em'up! it's not finished.

In preparation for imminent war against the Good siblings' militia, a small band of reckless heroes must escort colossal machines to orchestrate the ultimate retaliation. In doing so, they have a lot of fun, get into a lot of trouble, and save worlds.

Company Colossal is now on Brightlocker!

Now you have an opportunity to watch or even participate in the development of the game.

Heavily story driven gameplay covering 30 levels needs characters with voice.

Company Colossal is very fortunate to have the voice talents of Gemma Laurelle, Genevieve Sibayan, G.K Bowes, Kevin Powe, and Colin Smith.

You can follow the development of Company Colossal on IndieDB, Unity Connect, and Sketchfab.

Unity Addons I don't want to develop without.

Final IK
UMotion Pro - Animation Editor
Amplify Shader Editor